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About d_eye®

We focus on creating strategic alliances to inquire on data-driven and science-informed corporate problems. We support intelligent decision-making based on information, science and technology. Primarily on corporate, social, and environmental fronts. Generating value in the quality, transformation and synthesis of data by aligning leaders of the economic and public sectors with objectives of competitiveness, high social impact and long-term socio-ecological regeneration of the territory.

Astro Odyssee


Ana María Ospina Duque (Physics Engineer - MSc in Applied Physics at Universidad EAFIT)

Juan José Restrepo Bernal (Physicist - MSc in Computational Biology at Universidad de los Andes)

Esteban Ramos Chavarriaga (Engineering Scientist - MSc in Earth Sciences at Universidad EAFIT)

Ricardo Pelaez Restrepo (International Business - Business of Entertainment Executive at Harvard University)

Our Allies

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