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Use d_eye to detect, predict and control business continuity risks in your company and value chain.

"One can see from space how the human race has changed the Earth. (...) At night, the Earth is no longer dark, but large areas are lit up. All of this is evidence that human exploitation of the planet is reaching a critical limit. (...) We cannot continue to pollute the atmosphere, poison the ocean and exhaust the land. There isn’t any more available."

— Stephen Hawking, Physicist & Author


We cannot live without Nature. We must create a balance of the natural planetary system we call Earth, our one and only home. Our conscience and ways must adapt to regenerate our environment. Our businesses must be resilient and redundant. That's why we support smart decision-making with high-level data-driven science, engineering and art.

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By means of computational capabilities, Machine Learning algorithms and robust statistics; the scientific community has entered the private and public economic sectors to inform stakeholders and provide useful tools to analyze and synthesize climate-driven risks to socio-ecologic systems and business continuity.

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Data-driven assimilation and modeling provide meaningful insights on past, present and future events related to the climate breakdown. Our goal is to detect, predict and prevent climate-driven risks across all sectors, generating value in the quality, transformation and synthesis of data by aligning leaders of the economic and public sectors with objectives of competitiveness, high social impact and long-term socio-ecological regeneration of a balanced territory.

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Mineros Aluvial

Climate Scenario Analysis for Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Nechí River in El Bagre Antioquia.


Climate Scenario Analysis for Regenerative Cultures of the Comfama Parks in Antioquia.

ISA Intercolombia

Climate Scenario Analysis for High-Voltage Energy Transmission Assets, Operations and Staff in Colombia.


Climate Scenario Analysis for the Tesorito Thermoelectric Plant in Sahagún Colombia.

Anglo Gold Ashanti

Climate Scenario Analysis for the Quebradona Gold and Copper Mine in Jericó Antioquia.

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Strategic Allies


We are a creative group specialized in the hospitality and events sector with a proposal supported by the art and science of imagination, based in Medellín and operating in Colombia and world-wide.

Antioquia Presente Corporation

A non-profit organization, specialized in the integral management of programs to restore living conditions in communities and companies impacted by the climate breakdown, disasters and development.

Gaia Environmental Services

Tailor-made sustainable solutions. We advice conscious companies to solve needs and achieve sustainability challenges, with tailor-made solutions for your peace of mind and the benefit of the planet.

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It only takes a couple clicks to have a robust data science tool maximizing your business continuity.