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With d_eye you can maximize your revenue with dynamic ticket pricing - the smarter way to sell out your shows.

Unlock the full potential of your entertainment events and be a leader in revenue management in the entertainment industry.



The use data science in the entertainment industry is to identify and capitalize on emerging trends, and georeferenced and sociocultural data collected historically. Our company was created with a vision to revolutionize the entertainment industry by introducing dynamic ticket pricing based on data-driven techniques, a strategy that optimizes revenue for event organizers while offering more affordable pricing to buyers.


We achieve this through cutting-edge algorithms that analyze data on market demand, seasonality, and other key factors that impact ticket pricing. Our software updates pricing in real-time to ensure maximum profitability for event organizers, while still catering to the needs and preferences of buyers. By analysing data on social media, search engines, our own access to databases and satellites, and other online platforms, we gain insights into what topics, styles, and themes are currently popular among specific audiences and how the ticket selling has behaved the past years for any kind of events.

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We offer powerful tools for event management, analytics, and marketing that empower event organizers to make data-driven decisions and drive more revenue. By analysing customer data and predicting behaviour, companies can create more effective pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, and content offerings that maximize revenue and improve the bottom line.

'Entertainment without data science is art, but entertainment with data science is magic.'

— David Boyle

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"In summary, this business unit exists to transform the entertainment industry with dynamic ticket pricing, utilizing cutting-edge technology to maximize revenue for event organizers while still offering affordable pricing to buyers."

— Ana M. Ospina

Strategic Allies


We are a creative group specialized in the hospitality and events sector with a proposal supported by the art and science of imagination, based in Medellín and operating in Colombia and world-wide.

La Tiquetera

Experience seamless ticket buying with La Tiquetera - Medellín's premier online ticketing platform. Our cutting-edge technology ensures safe and secure transactions, while our high-quality printing and security seals give you the peace of mind you need. Purchasing tickets for your favorite events has never been easier.

La Macarena

From historic bullring to modern entertainment hub - with a capacity for 15,000 spectators, this patrimonial gem hosts the most important events in Medellín. In 1995 it was declared a property of patrimonial value.

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